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DM1 FPS Noir Gaming Mouse

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Designed by The Best for The Best
Our products are used by players around the world. We have always tried to create mice that will be universal and independent of the titles they play and can receive exactly what will allow them to get the best results. This time we decided on something else.We created a mouse for FPS players. This is a mouse whose goal is to be the best gaming mouse for all those who play such titles as Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Rainbow Six, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Players Unknown BattleGround, or Overwatch. To achieve this, we completely remodeled our components and chose the ones that, according to the FPS players, are the best for shooters.

Sensor Created for Headshots!
Aim, press, grab the frag. It's so easy and yet so devilishly difficult. By using one of the best sensors available on the PixArt 3389 market, getting more frags has never been so easy. Precision Achieve your goals with the new DM1 FPS.

Huano Buttons - High Speed Response Time
Every time we work on a new product, we contact hundreds of people to find out exactly what they expect from their gaming gear. We know that competitive gamers need the absolute best, and that is why our goal is to offer you the best solution in the market. According to your feedback, Huano switches work much better during long gaming sessions and help you get to the top of the ladder in your favourite FPS. For this reason, we have decided to use Huano switches instead of Omron. The lifetime of the switches remains the same: 20 million clicks.

New Shoelace Cable at Your Disposal
Do you know why this type of cable is called ""shoelace""? Because while playing you do not feel that is there! Extremely light and flexible, it is exactly what Counter Strike or Overwatch players need. No more cable jams on the pad, no more inconvenience. DM1 FPS with invisible cable is a new, higher level of comfort while playing!

The Optimal Amount of DPI for All Players
The PixArt 3389 sensor is not only precision, speed, and reliability, but also a wide range of mouse sensitivity settings. From now on your favorite DM1 FPS, you can play in resolutions up to 12,000 DPI! Now nothing will stop you! All games, even those requiring the greatest reflexes will stop being a problem for you thanks to DM1 FPS with the PixArt 3389 sensor. Winning games has never been so easy!

LOD - the Perfect Distance for FPS Players
We know how important it is for the LOD to be at the optimal level, that's why we chose to have ~1.8 mm for our players. Low LOD will allow you to move your mouse effortlessly without unwanted movements that could ruin the chance of a perfect headshot.

83 Grams - Ideal Weight for Shooters
We have listened to your votes and created color alternatives for DM1 FPS. Thanks to that everyone will play more accurately on the mouse they want! Choose a Blood Red color if you're a fan of a dynamic ride without hold and you are not looking for compromises! Ocean Blue is a color for fans of self-control, perfect for all snipers for whom AWP is the ultimate weapon! Noir is a mouse for those who are looking for the perfect combination of aesthetics and elegance. Blizzard White is a solution for those who value simplicity and sophistication. Choose one of four available variants and enjoy the gameplay at the highest level thanks to DM1 FPS!

Acceleration - Zero Compromises
Once again, we decided on a solution familiar to all Dream Machinery brand fans, ie zero acceleration. Thanks to this, we ensure the greatest freedom of action and certainty that the DM1 FPS mouse will do exactly what we want during an intense game.

Article number:

Our article number: 12648
Manuf. article number: DM1FPS_Noir




Connection USB
Wireless No


Sensor model Pixart PMW3389
Sensor Optical
DPI 16000 dpi
Max acceleration 50 G
Number of buttons 6
Ambidextrous No
Backlight Yes
Weight tuning No
Scroll wheel Yes
Color White

Size & weight

Cable length 1.8 m
Width 68 mm
Depth 126 mm
Height 39 mm
Weight 83 g
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