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Terms & Conditions

By placing an order, the customer approves MaxGaming's (MaxFPS AB) terms of purchase and accepts that there is a responsibility for payment with the purchase.

The orders will be placed online via the website as we do not have a physical store. Customers under 18 must have permission from their legal guardian before the purchase is done. A minor who orders without their legal guardian's consent is not bound to the purchase but will be held financially responsible for MaxGaming's (MaxFPS AB) costs. The legal guardians have the ultimate responsibility for minors. Orders placed without consent in another person's name will be reported. The prices in the web store and any eventual offers will be valid for as long as the items are in stock and until further notice. We reserve a disclaimer for any eventual errors or written mistakes. These purchase terms are applicable if they do not conflict with Swedish or any other adjacent law.


The customer has the right to cancel an order before it has been packed/shipped out by MaxGaming (MaxFPS AB). Once an order has been sent to be packaged after you have placed it, it is impossible to cancel it. Instead, you must return the order according to the return policy terms.

If you contact us before the order has been sent out for packaging, we can cancel/change your order. Cancellations must be made via email to info@maxgaming.com.

Price changes

We reserve the right to change prices without previous notification, for example, in the case of significant changes in exchange rates. Stocked products are always delivered at the confirmed price, and if it should change between the placement of the order and its delivery, the price when the order was placed will be valid. For products not in stock at the time of the order, the price confirmed at its placement will be valid, except if the manufacturer has adjusted the prices or other circumstances.


Confirmed orders of items in stock made before 3 p.m. are usually expedited the same day (meaning weekdays). Larger orders usually have a longer delivery time if they were not to choose Express delivery. Deviations may occur in case of an increased workload, as can be the case during, for example, Christmas, Black Friday, et cetera. Shipping is not done with a guaranteed time of delivery. If we cannot deliver an item within the promised time (25 business days), the customer has the right to cancel the purchase and return their order to us according to the terms of the Open Purchase period (30 days). Regarding purchases of out-of-stock or pre-ordered items, information about the maximal delivery time cannot be made as it is out of our control.

We will send the order as soon as the products return in stock.


Deliveries for private individuals will usually be done through Global Mail, DPD or DHL, depending on your weight, size, and shipping method. The order will remain at the place of delivery for 14 days. Consignments that have not been collected/the wrong address will be charged a service fee for the shipping and administration costs (this can vary in different countries).

Transportation damages

Please always check your delivery when you get it. You should always unpack the goods and check the ordered items if they seem damaged. If the goods have been damaged because of transportation (physical damage of the items), the customer should immediately contact the logistics partner that you have chosen and file a complaint. After this is done, could you contact MaxGaming via email (info@maxgaming.com) and declare the order ID and the tracking number so that we know about the incident?


For example, if you have a problem that the item is not working, we offer a first-rate support service. You can reach us easily via support@maxgaming.com. Just supply us with your order ID and issue; we will help immediately. We always try to help our customers solve any problems they have or may be experiencing.


If it turns out that you have a problem with your goods, we initially need an error report that demonstrates/explains what specific issues you have with your item/product. You can send your information to us via email at support@maxgaming.com. You must be as detailed as possible so that we can make a thorough evaluation. Please observe that for warranties and complaints, the following are not approved: returns that turn out to not be faulty, problems that have been created through incorrect handling/usage, returns that do not have a sufficient error description if the goods lack or have insufficient packaging, as well as returns that for other reasons are not approved by MaxGaming (MaxFPS AB). If the returned item is not authorised, it will be returned to the sender or kept for further actions, such as costs and other eventual expenses. The customer is responsible for the product until it has been received by MaxGaming (MaxFPS AB).


For all kinds of returns (for example, warranty/purchase on approval/complaints/changes), you as a customer must first contact our customer service via email (support@maxgaming.com) to receive instructions for returns and register your case of return. No responsibility will be taken for items sent to MaxGaming (MaxFPS AB) without first being reported. The instructions for returning the item will be received after the complaint has been made.

We do not offer any return labels for the returns of your purchased order.

30-days Open Purchase

We offer a 30-day Open Purchase period, valid for private customers. During the open purchase period, you may check your products in the required manner to certify that they comply with their description and properties.
  • Open Purchase is only valid if the product is kept unaltered.
  • Open Purchase is not valid for products that fall within the range of hygiene items, such as in-ear headphones or other hygiene articles.
  • Open Purchase is not valid for items that have been custom-made or modified according to the customer's wishes (changed skates or modifications). You may not break the seal of software that belongs to hardware (for example, device drives or games/codes that come with the product). In these cases, the Open Purchase period is not valid. In case of the return of an item, it must be complete, with all its accessories. The original packaging must remain intact. The customer is responsible for the shipping fees of a return and will not be compensated for the shipping or other expenses to do with the order. The product's value will usually be refunded within 1-2 weeks from when MaxGaming (MaxFPS AB) receives it. MaxGaming (MaxFPS AB) can reduce if the product depreciates. MaxGaming (MaxFPS AB) will refrain from making such a reduction if the product is returned in its essential original condition.
Open Purchase does not apply to businesses.


Each manufacturer's warranty conditions are valid. We have a one-year policy, but if the manufacturer has a longer one, the warranty can also be valid with them during this period. In those cases, we first ask the customer to contact the manufacturer. All warranties that are specified are valid in Sweden. If the product has to be sent to manufacturers abroad, we at MaxGaming will help ship the items there if this falls under the warranty. Warranties are not valid for products that have been mishandled or, in any other way, not used correctly. This means that for your product to fall under the warranty or complaints, it must be because of a manufacturer's fault or original defect, not because of mishandling, accidents, or wear and tear. Suppose the product has a manufacturer's/original defect that MaxGaming (MaxFPS AB) is responsible for. In that case, we will undertake corrections of the defect in the form of reparations, re-deliveries, or, in some cases, sending spare parts for the customer to repair the product. We can also offer the item's value as a credit if we cannot offer an exchange item so that you can purchase something else from MaxGaming. Monetary refunds will only be made within 60 days of receiving the item if it falls under the warranty. Further, customer rights can be invoked from the respective manufacturer from the receiving buyer's cases.

Other Conditions

If you want more information about your purchase, contact us at info@maxgaming.com. We reserve the right to change/update these terms over time.