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KontrolFreek for Xbox One

Do you feel like your thumbs need a rest? Are they completely worn out after a long gaming session and is it still only Saturday? Then it is definitely time to get a couple of Xbox One KontrolFreeks, so you can battle your way up the scoreboard all Sunday as well! With different heights and various materials, you have the chance to change your Xbox One controller in a way that suits your preferences. If you would like to spruce up the controller a little when you are off to a FIFA night, then that is a possibility, too.

If you need a bit of help with which set of Xbox KontrolFreeks will suit your controls, you can always contact us for expert help in the matter. Amongst other things, they give better grip, improved balance and more comfort. They are very well suited to Xbox One games, such as APEX Legends, Division 2, Forza and the incredibly scary Resident Evil.
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Supergrip Grip tape to Xbox Controller
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