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Secure E-commerce


Secure E-commerce is a certification for e-commerce companies that sell goods and services via shops on the internet (distance commerce). When you shop at an e-store, you enter a contractual agreement with the seller directly on the webpage. There are today thousands of parties that sell goods and services online in Sweden, and you can safely make purchases from those with certification from Secure E-commerce. To protect your personal data and other sensitive information, you must know to who you are giving your details. You may also want to feel secure that the company will deliver the goods within the agreed time and that you will get help after the purchase is made if there is a problem.
The purpose of the certification Secure E-commerce is to help you, the consumer chooses the right e-commercial enterprise when you shop so you can feel safe and secure even after you have made your purchase. The goal of Secure E-commerce is to make online shopping equally safe and secure as shopping in a normal, physical store. When you buy from a company that has the certification Secure E-commerce, it means that the enterprise, through an agreement, must comply with a series of requirements. Secure E-commerce makes demands that are designed so that you, the consumer, will know your rights when you shop online. Amongst other things, the company is required to have a clear identity, have safe routines for handling personal data, use secure payment solutions, and have solid finances.

Svensk Distanshandel/Swedish Digital Commerce ensures that the certified companies adhere to the requirements through credit checks, test purchases, and inquiries if there is a suspicion of deficiencies. To give you extra reassurance, Secure E-commerce accepts complaints from you, the customer.

If you make a complaint about a company that has the certification Secure E-commerce, and it turns out that it has mismanaged the requirements, the company will get a "mark" in our register. If there are serious flaws, the certification can be revoked with immediate effect. All these factors together give the consumer the sense of security that only serious companies can carry the Secure E-commerce symbol.

Secure E-commerce Symbol
To check that the symbol is valid, you click or hover the mouse over the Secure E-commerce symbol. Every connected company has a unique certificate at the domain

Where do I find Secure E-commerce companies? You can find all the certified companies here. The company is divided into categories according to commodities to facilitate your search for businesses that sell the goods and services you are interested in.

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