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Switch film

Switch film is a thin layer that you attach between the top and bottom of the switch. This is done in order to counteract both wing and rattle, which can otherwise be heard and felt at each press. Filming mechanical keyboard switches is a common process among enthusiasts.

Mechanical switches are comprised of a top housing, a stem, a spring, and a bottom housing. So where do switch films come in you ask? It’s about wobble, and rattle.

You will need films, a switch opener, and a pair of precision tweezers. Open your switch and then place your film holding it with tweezers in the correct orientation on the bottom housing—mostly they only fit one way. Be mindful that your film is well placed with both rails of the bottom housing inside the film.
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TX Keyboards Switch Films 0,15 mm Clear (110-pack)
TX Keyboards
Switch Films 0,15 mm Clear (110-pack)
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