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Playing video games is incredibly fun, but where are you going to store them? The trend in the computer world is going towards small, internal storage units, which means that you should supplement them with some form of external storage to be able to satisfy this need. Something that is also important in this situation is backup; even if you have enough storage space on your computer, you should continually create backups of your files for an external unit. Today, there is a wide variety of external ways to store your data; anything from small USB-sticks with great capacity to external hard disks, which provide a lot of space for your installed games and much more. Here at MaxGaming, you will always find the best in external storage; check out our assortment and choose the products that best suit you and your needs.

Storage today is mostly about handy units that can easily be taken anywhere for flexible usage. If you choose a USB-stick (that probably has a 2.0 or 3.0 standard) or a flash drive, it will be the most convenient; these are of a small format but offer an impressive storage if you so wish: up to 128GB. This is best suited for storage of smaller files; should you wish to store whole games, you will need some more storage space and your best choice then is an external hard drive. We have external hard disks for both PC and PS4 (connected via USB) with space starting from 500MB up to an impressive 3TB! Despite the large storage space these hard disks provide, they are still very portable, which means you can easily find room for them when you are on the move. All products in our collection are both affordable and high quality; our USB-sticks, flash drives and hard disks only come from well-known brand names, such as SanDisk, Kingston and Western Digital.
Hard Drive For Playstation - 4TB
Hard Drive For Playstation - 4TB
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