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Have you also fallen in love with the Xbox and the joy that gaming on this console entails? At MaxGaming you will find different types of consoles and many accessories for the Xbox. We offer all three giants Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X. Many of the games for the consoles can be played live through networks. To make the gaming experience complete, you can purchase a headset to communicate with your teammates during the gaming sessions. They are also made in different designs to give you the best possible comfort during gameplay. If you would rather write messages to your teammates, there are smooth keyboards to choose from. There is also a wide variety of hand controllers for the Xbox One. You can choose between wired or wireless controllers, as well as different colours such as gold. If you would like to change the thumb grips, we offer six-packs, so you don't need to change your favourite controller completely.

If you like variety and to improve your console you will find tons of accessories for your Xbox here with us. We offer everything from consoles, hand controllers, headsets, monitors to spare parts. If you have a big living room and need a longer cable, you can solve that easily with an extra USB-cable or one of our wireless controllers, for example, the Elite Controller by Microsoft. There are also elegant holders where you can put your hand controller when you are not playing, as well as silicon grips for those extra-long gaming sessions.
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