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Power strips

Everyone using several different consoles, screens, chargers or other electric appliances in the same place at home or at work know what a pain it can be when not everything can be connected in the same spot. We at MaxGaming have a range of different power strips in our assortment to facilitate gaming or working with everything you might need. With a power strip, it is also easier to turn off the power of all utilities when you are done to lessen the passive electricity consumption. All you have to do is press the power switch, and all connected units will be turned off. Regardless of how many sockets you need, you can find products here, and with prices starting from 35 SEK there is something for everyone.

To be able to LAN with your friends, have many units connected or to create a proper gaming station at home, you might need a power strip to be able to keep everything together. Regardless of how many sockets are in place, most power strips are easy to put under the desk or to bring it along when travelling. In our selection, all the power strips have power switches that easily disconnect the power when it is time to finish.

We at MaxGaming also have many power strips with USB, perfect for mobile phones and other USB units. Surge protectors ensure against overvoltage in the connected units in our range. There is something for all requirements, in all price ranges as well as different cable lengths. It is always a good idea to have power strips at home in different sizes for the most optimal usage possible.
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