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Here at MaxGaming we don't just have headsets for those interested in gaming. We also have headsets for those of you that don't want a headset but still want good sound for your computer. If you are on the go there is a wide range of headphones suited for all kinds of needs. For those that study, commute or enjoy listening to music during workouts, these are perfect. We know that audio is usually one of the most important things to consider when you are a gamer. There shouldn't just be sound but it should also be of high quality. In this particular category there are headphones from many leading manufacturers.

Sound provides an experience. When you are playing a game you can often get a considerably better experience if you can hear the game's sound in a good way. If multiplayer games are part of your every day, a pair of good headphones with excellent sound can be the difference between life and death in the game. With a good headset you can hear things like footsteps and also where the sounds are coming from. You should always consider what your requirements are before purchasing your headphones. Some of them are wireless, whilst other have several meters long cables to give more flexibility. All headphones in our assortment come from top of the range manufacturers such as Trust, Skullcandy, Razer, Blue Microphones and many more. Many of the gaming headsets we have are also multi compatible and can be used with everything from PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.
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MoonDrop Joker Headphones - Black
Joker Headphones - Black
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MoonDrop Void Headphones - White
Void Headphones - White
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MoonDrop Venus Headphones - Aluminum
Venus Headphones - Aluminum
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