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Drinks & Energy

Do you need a little bit of extra energy during long, intensive games? Are you finding it hard to keep your focus? Take it to the next level and give it all during matches. In such cases, there are drinks and supplements available here at MaxGaming,

Nowadays, e-sports are regarded as any sport, and are just as demanding for the brain as physical sports. With ingredients especially made for gamers that want to increase their power, concentration and performance, there are energy drinks from the likes of British X-Gamer that ensure you never have to lose a game because your brain is worn out.

The popular NOCCO and Clean Drink are naturally part of our range, and they are available in several tropical and fruity flavours, with BCAA and caffeine for increased focus and strength. Also, classic Pepsi, Pepsi Max and Mountain Dew are in stock for those of you that prefer traditional flavours.
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