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Here at MaxGaming, you will find computer components for modding, reparations and new constructions. Regardless of whether you are looking for spare parts for an existing computer or if you are just about to build a new gaming PC from scratch, we have everything you need.

For example, have you just bought a new graphic or sound card? In our assortment of internal power cables, you will definitely find something to suit the power supply. These come in various sizes and types that can handle any circumstance, however demanding. Of course, you will not only find power cables in our assortment. We cover your cable needs with everything from USB cables to HDMI, with the latter being the perfect solution for transferring visual output from your computer to your television. Basic for every computer is naturally a good network card that allows your computer to communicate with both local and external networks.

Do you want to mod your hardware in a way that is both elegant and practical? Internal lighting will not only make your computer look cool, but also facilitate reparations and additions of new hardware. Internal lighting can be found in, for example, nifty strip lights from Revoltec, which are embedded in your computer's interior with an attractive neon light. Speaking of the equipment's lifespan; long gaming sessions pose a risk of overheating, and the method to protect yourself from this is by investing in good cooling equipment. In the category Computer Fans & Cooling, you will find solutions for your cooling requirements that suit all wallets.
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