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The Japanese company Nintendo has been one of the most popular game manufacturers for many decades, both within console games and gaming. The company has produced a whole series of successes such as The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros. They have also created a large range of different accessories, consoles and the very best games from the gaming era of the 90's, namely SNES and Mini SNES. Later, Nintendo 8-bit arrived, followed by Nintendo 64 which was a huge success. The latest Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite have taken the market by storm.

In our store at Maxgaming, you can shop the very best for those of you that love Nintendo. Here you can find everything that suits the way you play as well as the size of your wallet. We even have popular little Amiiboo figures that can communicate with your console. These small characters are not what many people believe them to be, just something to collect, but by making them come to life they will change the whole gaming experience. Through Nintendo's NFC (Net-Field communication) the figurines can interact with several different games as well as communicate with a number of different consoles. If you are looking for something else other than these figures, you can instead treat yourself to several different video games, consoles such as GameCube, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii or why not a Nintendo Switch game? All this is in our supply.

For the person that is looking for a product with many game titles that suit the whole family, Nintendo is an excellent choice. Everything that older players enjoyed during the company's glory days is still there but now in new editions and with newly developed technology. Nintendo's products can bring out the kid in anyone. Both NES and SNES, which were huge successes when they were launched, have been released in brand new versions, as well as the games that were so popular back then. Super Mario became the most popular of all games and still is today. For the gamer that wants to experience the favourite games of their childhood, there are many possibilities. Thanks to the portable consoles, you can even play on buses or trains.
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