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Going to LANs and competitions is becoming increasingly common, and to avoid breaking or damaging your equipment when you are travelling it is essential to transport it in the right way. The ideal computer bag is organised, and every part has its place. There are, for example, specially protected compartments for the mouse, keyboard and headset, so they don't get damaged on the way.

At MaxGaming you will find computer bags specifically designed for transporting gaming equipment without it becoming damaged. When you invest in a computer bag, we recommend that you first consider your requirements and what you need to carry in your bag. If you need to take a computer with you, you must get a bag that has the capacity for the size of your laptop. Here you will find computer bags of various designs such as backpacks, shoulder bags and much more. Travelling in an organised manner will save you a lot of time. The fact that each item has its own place will not only facilitate you easily connecting it all but also disconnecting it when it is time to make a move.
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Deltaco Natec PDP
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In Stock
Save 33%
Notebook Bag 16
Notebook Bag 16" with Handle and Shoulder Strap - Black
$9.21 ($13.79)
In stock
Laptop Bag 15.6
Laptop Bag 15.6", Water resistant - Black
In stock
Nintendo Switch Elite Player Backpack
Nintendo Switch Elite Player Backpack
Out of stock
Gaur Laptop Backpack Black/Grey 15,6
Gaur Laptop Backpack Black/Grey 15,6"
In stock
Save 30%
Notebook Bag 15,6
Notebook Bag 15,6" Nylon - Black
$6.42 ($9.21)
In stock