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The Genesis Krypton 300 is a gaming mouse for ambitious players equipped with precise optical sensor A3050, providing reliable work and fast response, which is the best recipe for winning. In addition the mouse has a symmetrical shape that fits perfectly in every palm and if you combine it with a low weight of 94 grams, you get an extremely agile and very effective weapon. Good quality gaming mice is traditionally equipped with software, which can not be missed in the Krypton 300, that allows you to program buttons, change the backlight from the RGB palette, record macros and set other features.

The Genesis Krypton 300 is equipped with a precise optical sensor A3050 with a maximum resolution of 4000 DPI, which thanks to its reliability has become a legend in the gaming world. DPI resolution can be changed on the fly at 6 levels with the DPI button. The mouse has 2 buttons at the top of the DPI+ and DPI- where you can program one of them to switch between 5 profiles, which means that user can save any setting to each profile and switch between profiles with a single button press, without interrupting the game.

The Krypton 300 mouse is equipped with a gaming software that allows you to program a number of useful features to each of the 7 mouse buttons, or record macros that make the game easier and make you an invincible hero. In addition to these features, the software also provides the ability to set: Snipe button, Fire key, triple click, multimedia buttons, sensor sensitivity, scroll wheel speed, double click speed and more. Thanks to the integrated memory, the mouse remembers all the settings when the computer is turned off, even when the mouse is connected to another PC.

In addition, advanced software offers the option of setting multiple backlight modes and selecting a color from the RGB palette - 16 million colors.

Fast response of mouse 1ms and 20G acceleration ensure that the mouse makes every command without thinking, even with the fastest tasks and thanks to precisely crafted and assembled components, the mouse Krypton 300 is extremely precise and responsive, even with the slightest movement or pushing the trigger, which increases the potential of player and his skill.

The use of high-quality materials guarantees long life and increase durability for demanding use and the proof of this are the main button switches with lifetime of up to 20 million clicks. The symmetrical body of mouse is shaped to fit perfectly into each palm and provide a firm grip as well as maximum comfort during long hours of use. If you combine it with a low weight of 94 grams, you get an extremely agile and very effective destructive weapon that your opponents will envy you.

Article number:

Our article number: 14164
Manuf. article number: NMG-1409


Genesis, a complete range for gaming - Genesis is a manufacturer of gaming accessories that was started in 2011 and since its inception they have been 
manufacturing gaming equipment for gamers of all levels. Their goal is to have a wide range that helps players at different levels to achieve new goals.
With their wide range, they can help gamers with all aspects of their game.

Genesis believes that their power comes from the contact between their products and their users, then in the end it is the user who will dictate the value of the product.
Every single gamer is slowly but surely building a community and in Genesis' case it's #genesisgaming.



Connection USB
Wireless No

Other information

Weight tuning No


Sensor model Avago ADNS-3050
Sensor Optical
DPI 4000 dpi
Max acceleration 20 G
Number of buttons 7
Ambidextrous No
Backlight Yes
Scroll wheel Yes
Color Black

Size & weight

Cable length 1.8 m
Width 68 mm
Depth 125 mm
Height 39 mm
Weight 94 g
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