Natec Husky Thermal Grease 1g Compound 10pcs -


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Natec Husky Thermal Grease 1g Compound 10pcs


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PC PeripheralsComputer componentsCooling & FansThermal compound from Natec

Natec Husky Pack is a thermal paste with high thermal conductivity and low thermal resistance. Grease itself does not conduct electricity, does not corrode, and does not require curing time (optimal thermal performance after the first cycle). A handy syringe allows easy and multiple applications. Package includes 10pcs 1g/0,4ml each.

Color: Grey
Density @20°C (g/ml): 3,15
Viscosity @1rpm (Pa*s): 12500
Thermal Conductivity (Heat Flow): 4,63W/m*K
Thermal Impedance: 0,0087 °C*in^2/W
Weight Loss after 96 hours @100°C: 0,15%
Permittivity @106Hz: 2,4
Electrical Resistivity: 5,0*10^8 (Ohm*cm)
Dielectric Strength: 2,5KV/mm
Operating Temperature: -30~280 °C
Volume: 10pcs* 1g/0,4ml

Article number:

Our article number: 19882
Manuf. article number: NPT-1581


Natural technology from Natec - The manufacturer of computer accessories and consumer electronics wants their products to have a positive impact on their users. Their focus is on providing accessories with advanced technology that meet the needs of their users and make their everyday lives easier.

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Color Grey
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