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Glorious GMMK Gateron Green Mechanical Switches


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Product description

PC PeripheralsKeyboards & AccessoriesCustom keyboardSwitches from Glorious

- Exchangeable switches to the Glorious GMMK
- Compatible with LED
- 120pcs Switches

With the Gateron switches, Glorius PC Gaming Race has developed interchangeable key switches for its GMMK (Glorius Modular Mechanical Keyboard). There they are particularly easy to use, but they can of course be used on other keyboards or DIY projects.

The Gateron switches are compatible with SMD LEDs and can be illuminated through the transparent housing. Through the MX (+) port, the switches can also be used in keyboards equipped with Cherry MX switches. To ensure the highest possible compatibility, Cherry MX Keycaps are also compatible. With a lifespan of 50 million attacks, the Gateron switches are very durable.

The typing feel of the Gateron switches is very pleasant because the switches are much smoother and yet more tactile. This allows a completely new typing and gaming experience. The Gateron switches bring significant improvements to the (still) market-dominant Cherry switches.

The Gateron Red Switches are the most popular with gamers. They are very smooth and allow a very fast key input. The trigger point is not noticeable with the linear switch and there is no audible click. The very low operating force of 45 g makes it ideal for quick multiple entries in the heat of the battle.

Technical details:
- 120 switches
- 80g Pressure

Article number:

Our article number: 14360
Manuf. article number: GAT-GREEN


Glorious, born from a community of passionate gamers who demanded the best - Started by PC gamers, for PC gamers. Glorious Gaming provides hardware and accessories designed for elite performance, premium quality, and affordability for all and has challenged the traditional PC gaming industry since its inception in 2014.

Glorious's products were built to meet the needs of both serious gamers who wanted more than anyone else had to offer and the beginner who is just looking for their first gaming mouse. Since they were one of the first to offer an ultra-light gaming mouse with RGB lighting, they have only continued to take the gaming industry by storm.



Type Clicky
Color Black
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