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Hori Battle Pad Zelda for Nintendo Switch


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ConsoleNintendoAccessoriesController from Hori

New Challenger Approaching! HORI brings back the old school with the Nintendo Switch Battle Pad. GameCube-style outlines with a traditional C-stick will feel right at home in the hand of any Smash Bros veteran, but the Battle pad's extra features set it apart from the pack. Anti-snapback technology to increase stick precision, and fast-action digital L/R & ZL/ZR for hyper-response speed, and textured grips to keep the Battle Pad firmly in place - even in the most hectic battles. Swap L/R & and ZR/ZL functions to play the way you want, or be ready for wild turbo functions. Wired USB controller with 3 meter cable. Officially licensed by Nintendo.
  • GameCube style wired USB controller
  • Anti-snapback analog sticks, Textured grips, Turbo
  • Zelda motifs and colors
  • Officially licensed by Nintendo

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Our article number: 13198
Manuf. article number: NSW-108U


Popular console accessories from Hori - Founded as early as 1983, Hori was one of the first third-party accessory manufacturers in the world and has since been one of the leading accessory manufacturers in Japan.

During their time, they have been pioneers in developing new concepts and at the same time made gaming more accessible and more fun for everyone. Hori is one of the largest peripheral equipment manufacturers for Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft in Japan and has during its many years in the industry created a wide range. Despite their wide range, the products from Hori are still made with hindsight and high quality.



Color Black


Warranty 2 year warranty
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