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GameSir Anti-friction Ring for GameSir Series Controller


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ConsoleNintendoAccessoriesThumbstick & Grips from GameSir

These Anti-friction rings are tailored to fit GameSir controllers perfectly, thanks to their exclusive design. With this custom fit, they also have a universal design that makes them compatible with various controllers on the market today, including Xbox, Playstation and others.

The design brings improved ergonomics to reduce fatigue and provide a more enjoyable gaming experience during long gaming sessions. By integrating these rings into your gaming experience, you can not only greatly improve control and precision, but also experience a smoother and more responsive time diving into your favorite games!

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Article number:

Our article number: 30274
Manuf. article number: GameSir-AC11


Since its start in 2010, GameSir has focused on innovation, openness and collaboration and has continuously explored the field of mobile gaming equipment. From gaming platforms to smart devices, GameSir conducts and manufactures products in a geeky spirit to create gaming equipment that sees every gaming experience for the better. GameSir is known for leading the development of controllers and other accessories for mobile games and consoles. They often develop new innovative products to give their users an advantage.

GameSir currently collaborates with large gaming companies worldwide, such as Apple, Gameloft, Nvidia, DJI and several different e-sports organisations. GamerSir is committed to providing customers with innovative gaming hardware, software and service, helping their users enjoy victory.



Compatibility Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series


Color Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Turquoise, White, Yellow
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