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KontrolFreek develops accessories for gamers with the goal of improving the gaming experience. They target both amateurs and professionals. All their products are designed with good ergonomics in mind. In addition to giving a takeover in the game, they are so comfortable that even really long game sessions are managed without any problems at all. Most famous is KontrolFreek for its "thumbsticks" that are put on the steering wheels on hand controllers for, among other things, the Xbox and PlayStation. The company believes that with their products it is possible to improve their precision and reaction time in large game series such as Destiny, GTA, Gears of War and Call of Duty. You get a better feel in your thumbs and sometimes such small things make the difference between winning or losing.

The company was founded in 2007 in the US and has its headquarters in Atlanta. Behind KontrolFreek is a bunch of real gamers. They are passionate about finding new ways to develop as players and to achieve better results. The breakthrough came with their FPS Freek thumbsticks that were released in 2009. Many users felt that they got benefits from the product and KontrolFreek has since increased the performance even further, including by investing in new materials and fine-grained design. They work closely with gamers and their own community called FreekNation. The company wants eSports to be even bigger and sponsors several teams. All of their own products are allowed to use in competition context.

In our range you will find several of KontrolFreeks best sellers, not least the product line FPS Freek which has options for both Xbox One and for PS4. Their thumbsticks are available in different colours and designs. Anyone who likes a specific game like Destiny 2 can buy thumbsticks that are specially designed for just Destiny. They also have special thumbsticks for gamers who like the zombie mode in Call of Duty. What you need to consider when purchasing KontrolFreeks products is to check whether they are for the Xbox One controller or for the PS4 controller. It is usually stated in the product name.
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