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Fandrops The Toxic - Bobblehead

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The Toxic - Bobblehead
He believes he has insane aim combined with flawless gamesense, and expects a sure victory. If not, he unleashes his toxic behavior with a rampage of slurs and degrading words just to let his team know that everything is their fault. If he himself makes a mistake, he quickly excuses it as a part of a larger master plan his "noob team" failed to see.

Collect him and let him release his toxic behavior as the most awesome decoration in your game room.

Collectibles with personalities
The most annoying infamous stereotypes we've all experienced in matchmaking! Now transformed to the most unique, awesome and hilarious gaming decoration you find on the market!

Material: Polyresin
Reviewed Tests: CE
Size (Packaging): 18x14x12 cm
Weight: 550 g

Article number:

Our article number: 13541
Manuf. article number: 8-9902




Color Orange
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