Fandrops The Mad - Bobblehead

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The Mad- Bobblehead
He is easily triggered and has very little patience when things don’t go his way. His pedagogic way to motivate his team involves screaming commands like a mad preacher. Unwittingly, his raging outbursts are more likely to be taken as comical entertainment among his teammates. So, rather than listen to his “rational advice,” he often ends up as a raging firecracker who his teammates have a blast lighting up.

Collect him and let him be mad as the most awesome decoration in your game room.

Collectibles with personalities
The most annoying infamous stereotypes we’ve all experienced in matchmaking! Now transformed to the most unique, awesome and hilarious gaming decoration you find on the market!

Material: Polyresin
Reviewed Tests: CE
Size (Packaging): 18x14x12 cm
Weight: 550 g

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