Lanberg USB Extension Cable 3.0 AM-AF Blue (3 meter)

Article no.: 15235 P/N: CA-US3E-10CC-0030-B
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  • Lanberg USB Extension Cable 3.0 AM-AF Blue (3 meter)
  • Lanberg USB Extension Cable 3.0 AM-AF Blue (3 meter)
  • Lanberg USB Extension Cable 3.0 AM-AF Blue (3 meter)
  • Lanberg USB Extension Cable 3.0 AM-AF Blue (3 meter)
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Lanberg’s high quality USB 3.0 extension cable is designed to allow extremely fast, stable, uninterrupted data connection between desktop PCs / Laptops and printers, scanners and any other multimedia / peripheral devices due to the use of modern components and the new generation of communication scheme.

The USB 3.0 itself is backward compatible with USB 2.0 and provides the data transmission speed up to 5 Gb / s, which in effect means 10 times faster data transfer, as compared to the maximum data rate of previous, USB 2.0 standard. The product also meets the expectations of even very demanding users providing a stable, fast uninterrupted signal which translates into appropriately high transfers.

Having high standards and restrictions, in the production stage and multi-step quality controls, allows the final product to meet the extremely high standards and norms, associated with this type of cable.

All in all, every single Lanberg USB cable, provides its users with a stable, fast and uninterrupted signal, which translates into appropriately high data transfer.

- Connectors: USB,
- Plug type 1: USB 3.0 AM male,
- Plug type 2: USB 3.0 AF female,
- Maximum transfer to 4.8 Gbps,
- Cable structure: (28 / 1P TC + shielding foil film, + earthing conductor) * 2C + 28 / 1P + 24 / 2C + braid
- Insulation jacket material: PE,
- Diameter of PVC jacket length: 5.8mm,
- Hi-Pot: DC 300V,
- Resistance: 20m Om / 300V min,
- Gold plated pins,
- Length 3m,
- Color: Blue.

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Cable Type: Charge and sync cable
Connection from: USB A male
Connection to: USB A female
Length (m): 3
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