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Sapphireskates Blue Sapphire Mouse Skates - Universal Fit

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PC PeripheralsMice & AccessoriesMouse skates from Sapphireskates

Universal Fit, 5 per set. 3.25 carats of pure sapphire per set (0.65 carats each). Adds only 0.65g of overall weight total.

Diamond-Polished Glide for Lowest Static Friction: each of the mouse feet is individually cut from a single sapphire crystal boule and then polished for hours until reaching its precise final shape.

9 Mohs hardness for consistency that never degrades: on the Mohs scale, only a diamond is harder. Only materials harder than sapphire can scratch it. (Note: this does not mean that sapphire is unbreakable, it can crack under strong pressure but this hasn't yet happened to us).

Optimized dimensions for sensor tracking + compatibility: SAPPHIRESKATES is designed to work with all gaming mice and therefore has a diameter of 7mm, which is large enough to provide support but small enough to fit into almost any mouse channel. The height curves from 0.8mm at the edges to 1.1mm at the center, which is tested to provide the ideal distance-from-sensor length according to Pixart specifications.

Very easy to apply: After cleaning the bottom of your mouse, it literally only takes seconds to apply SAPPHIRESKATES since the skates come with a powerful 3M adhesive pre-applied, which sit on top of a disk of virgin-PTFE. (And we aren't using PTFE here just to flex, it actually is a great material that is commonly used as adhesive release-liner). No fussing with having to peel off individual stickers.

Article number:

Our article number: 21679
Manuf. article number: SPS-BLUE-SAPPHIRE


Welcome to the S-Tier of gaming mouse skates. Sapphireskates is a small and dedicated team who are behind the mouse feet made out of exclusive crystals. But you can still expect great quality.

The reason Sapphireskates was born is out of a desire to use a gaming product that did not yet exist. If you are tired of scuffing PTFE skates then Sapphireskates might just be the mouse feet for you.



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