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LeadJoy VX2 Aimbox Multi-Platform Console Adapter


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VX Adapter - PS5 Adapter
VX Adapter - PS5 Adapter
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ConsolePlaystationPS5 AccessoriesMiscellaneous from LeadJoy

*To use this product with your PS5 you also need "Gamesir VX Adapter - PS5 Adapter"*

With its supreme precision and cross-platform compatibility, LeadJoy AimBox allows gamers on console to better control a mouse and a keyboard in games on. It comes with a built-in 3.5mm audio jack and PS5/Xbox games support.

Not only can you now hear and speak more of your own gaming world, you'll have more fun playing games with your PS5/Xbox console. Also, thanks to its VLead application, you are fine-tuning game settings such as mouse, hotkeys, joystick and lighting effects. That is to say, in addition to its gaming experience on VX2 AimBox allows full personalized control, regardless of peripherals of the input console or the style of in-game

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Our article number: 23198
Manuf. article number: VX2-Aimbox-adapter




Color Black, Green
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