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See below for replicas of knives used in CS:GO. Perfect for collecting and showing at home. All knives are manufactured in stainless steel and have a completely unique serial number. All our products and variants match the skins you can see in CS:GO, and no replica knife is therefore completely like any other. With us at MaxGaming you can also find sleek accessories such as stands for knives to show them at their very best. The age limit for these items is 18 as they are classified as real weapons. The replica knives should only be regarded as collector items and cannot be used outside the home according to the law.

Our replicas of the knife Karambit are unique in their shape and come in a storage box and a sheath that protects the knife. It is a stylish knife that comes in several skins and variants. This is really a true replica of the weapon used in CS. These knives can also be registered at Fadecase's home page with their exclusive manufacturer's number to get access to certain bonuses. With the elegant design in stainless steel, Karambit is a collector's item worth its name.

The Butterfly Knife is another one of the replicas we are proud to offer at MaxGaming. These knives are delivered dull and with holes in them so they cannot be sharpened. This makes the replicas of the Butterfly Knife safe collector's items that can even be on display in homes with children in them, while being very attractive to show off in displays, on stands or mounted on the wall. What makes these knives so special is their fast and rotatable blade that quickly can be retracted to be concealed. They come in several, prominent colours and are delivered in a stylish, black box that does the replica knife justice.
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