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MoonDrop Venus Headphones - Aluminum


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Product description

Mobile AccessoriesHeadphones from MoonDrop

Venus is a pair of Over-Ear headphones with a 100 mm membrane. With its 100 mm diaphragm size, the Venus can offer powerful dynamics while reproducing fine details precisely.

These headphones are designed to effectively minimize vibrations and nonlinearities in the diaphragm. After the diaphragm is formed, the tension is released and equalized a second time, resulting in an impressive reduction in nonlinear distortions under high pressure - with a reduction of at least 95%.

To ensure a high-quality sound experience, Venus also has a unique waveguide structure to handle high-frequency sound. This innovative design minimizes phase interference from the grid magnets and prevents negative effects on the volume and efficiency of the magnetic circuit.

In addition to offering outstanding technical performance, Venus also stands out through its unbeatable comfort. With its lightweight design and self-adjusting leather headband, the headphones are not only comfortable to wear for extended periods but also provide a perfect fit that adapts to the shape and size of your head. All this makes Venus the ultimate choice for a pleasant listening experience.

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Our article number: 30049
Manuf. article number: 6972585501224


MoonDrop is a Chinese tech company founded in 2015 by a group of passionate tech enthusiasts. The company has earned a reputation for offering an impressive collection of high-quality in-ear monitor audio devices and headphones, delivering unparalleled audio performance with an innovative design.

By consistently focusing on cutting-edge innovation, MoonDrop integrates cutting-edge technology into all of its products, which has solidified its position as an industry leader since its inception. With a dedicated team of engineers and audio experts, MoonDrop strives to revolutionize the audio experience for its customers and continue to deliver products that combine technical expertise with unparalleled quality.


Audio output

Frequency response 20-20000 (IEC60318-4, ±3dB) Hz, 6-80000 Hz
Impedance 18±15% Ω
Sensitivity 100dB/Vrms db
Sound Stereo


Connection 3,5mm


Drivers 100 mm
Form factor Over-ear
Color Silver


Warranty 1 year warranty
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