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Nintendo Switch Accessories

With its flexible usability, and versatility as both a portable and desktop console, it's natural that a lot of accessories are available for the Nintendo Switch. Our range includes accessories that you can use to protect your Switch console properly, so that it is both smoother and safer to take with you. If you want to invite more friends to play multiplayer games with, extra Nintendo Joy-Con Controllers are available in different colors, depending on whether you want to enhance the console's playful color scheme, or prefer a more stylish, dark gray color. Make storage more elegant with Charging Dock for your Joy-Con Controllers, smooth suspension for the different parts of the console, or make sure you never drop your Joy-Cons in the middle of the game, with Joy-Con Straps, which you fasten around your wrists. If something needs to be replaced, we at MaxGaming have a large assortment of spare parts or new accessories.

In addition to extra Joy-Con Controllers, there are also other original parts, such as AC adapters, and if you are traveling and need to recharge your console, a car charger can be an excellent addition. For the Nintendo Switch, there are also a number of different controllers, from a Grip to attach your Joy-Cons to, to a Pro Controller, which has a more traditional layout that works great for most things.

With Nintendo Labo, a set of imaginative accessories that you build yourself with lightweight materials, your Switch can be anything from a piano or fishing rod, to a motorcycle handlebar, with various games to explore. If you want to take the construction a step further, there is also a Labo package that allows you to build your very own exoskeleton to use in your game. The lab concept transforms the console into a variety of objects to play with, and thanks to the lightweight materials such as cardboard, both large and small can create their very own accessories. The cardboard material can also be personalized with whatever you want, from stickers to color schemes, patterns - you can let your creativity completely transform your Labo set into what suits you best.
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